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Text me now and I'll jump start you to a whole new sexual dimension.

Proof pic can be provided 


Saskatoon/Regina Soon
Frst Timers ok 


Now offering personal Video,  sext &Webcam 

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If You are seeking something different and most unique in its own blend of Beautiful, Sexy,& uninhibited plus Equipped with natures own creation and the power to possess qualities that sometimes are unknown to mankind, If you are seeking something different in your Sexual or companion appetite you are definitely in the right spot and with the Perfect Shemale I might humbly add.... Read all about Me through this website and possibly discover a connection that might entice you to yearn more and explore your secret fantasies with this one of a kind sexy unique female. 
All my Pictures are 100 percent real along with the reviews I have submitted from my past guest and current regular clientele.

My External & Interior Design

European Descent (French, Italian, Maltese)

Femininely Composed at 5''7, 136 LBS, 38DDD, 8F.F 

Beautiful Radiant Long Natural Black Hair, Big Hungry Doll like Eyes, Big Thick pouty soft Lips, Skin so soft & fresh , Manicured pedicured & freshly bathed for my Guests. Small Hands and feet just like Female......

Extremely Friendly and Horny, Warm, Personable, Articulate, Educated and loves to engage in Deep Sexual conversations and Deep Physical explorations , Sexually Creative, Humble and Extremely Attentive

My Life's Essentials

Working Out, Yoga, Collecting Antiques, Reading, teaching/learning
meeting new people, Hiking, Travelling, Shopping. Music, Giving, Volunteering,

Failing/Succeeding Living to the fullest, letting things Percolate and Evolve 

Extra Informatio

For the first timers I  always am patient and extremely attentive to what they are seeking in their new kind of pleasure This is all about learning about your sexuality which tO me I think is an extremely important part of a mans Life. Sexuality is extremely dimensional and needs to be fed (no pun intended), with different fixings. That is why I am here and  I  am here to Feed you the utmost first class, memorable, unique,  Exciting experience you will ever engage in and something you will be glad you invested in.

Your health and mine is extremely important I  always practice safe sex,
I am tested quarterly for all Stds Hiv and Such 

You not need to worry about my health stats they are in perfect standings and have documentations if required

(if you are an anal  barebacker please do not call i do not bareback for any amount in the world my life is not worth any amount of paper thanks kindly

My View on Things

TO Myself Real Transwoman  are  all about Beauty,  Glamour, authenticity, Passion & Pleasure In EVERY WAY THAT IS CONCEIVABLE and of course a VIVACIOUS sexual being without shame Nor guilt.

Because  lets just face it sex is not a crime nor evil nor not ESSENTIAL or something to take lightly or simply get it over and done with. 

It defines us Evolves us and gives us a drive , a fuel  and a purpose.


To Myself 
The art of the woman to me cAN GO beyond Make-up, high heel,stockings and straight gENTLEMEN 

It goes to a level of wholeness, composure, intelligence ,beauty Compassionb and sharing.

 it also transcends to a level of  completeness, being in a comfy place mind.body and spirit wise. Sharing who i am with as many people as i can in life is beneficial because i tend to learn a little bit more of me each time and learn about whoever i choose to intertwine with at the given moment at the giving place and energy.


Being with me does not ,make you the slightest gay it actually makes you more of a man In My opinion , A Man that is in touch with his sexuality and is comfortable with himself in any Sexual Form
2 Me THIS IS THE TRUE DEFINATION OF A REAL HETEROSEXUAL MAN Doing his thing crossing bounderies without questioning his sexuality or defining his being in that sense.

I am totally Female in so many ways that it would be unfair to say that im not because of my girl cock. I look act and play the female part 24 hours come see for yourself let me treat you like a real man.

What Can I do For You?

I can Guide YOU TO YOUR WILDEST  DEEPEST , And MOST SECRET Encounters imagineable 

Stimulate your sex drive once again.
Open up a new chapter in your sexual Encounters memoirs.
An open-minded companion so u can be free to be anything you want to be, share your past intimate experience or create some out of the ordinary ones.
Regenerate your Sex life again.
or Ignite it for the first time in a total different Realm.
Help uplift Dead end Sex life for the married Guy.
Cure for
Your lonely Blues 
Open You up to new adventures (perefct for the shy guy or the guy that gets bored to easily and fast



Please Understand My services differ than most providers.
in the sense.
I only accept Select Clientele 
Certain Requirements must be met

All My Clients have some sort of chemistry with me
Sometimes I might have to interview by text to see if you will be the right fit

OR I am the right trans to relieve you from Fantasy Uncharted

I never just want be a Body for RENT or a person used to masturbate to over text and no intenton  on meeting.

INvest in me ill open your flood gates like you never imagined

No Dating Allowed
unless it is under an arrangement we made.

Safe Entertainment is Protocol
Proper Hygiene a must.

Respectfulness, Kindness, Smiles, Physical urges for me will always be appreciated and most times be rewarding.

Try to keep your personal life (marriage kids or generic straight life out of all this it will make it a overall a better and more fulfilling encounter.
If you desire a wee bit more information without abusing the privelage of a few text or call .
I can gladly  assist at 




Skype or What's app Shows 
24 hours 
Text Me
60 for 30 min
Inquire for Details 
Easy to Book 

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