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Shemale Soda Rocked My World in Reddeer

I first contacted Soda and she was very sweet and compassionate. She sent me a picture to assure that she was real. Pretty hot from what I could see. We made the date and I went to her room.  When she opened the door, she was so delicate and had a smile that was a bright as the stars. She invited me in and offered me a drink. I was pretty nervous, but she made me feel relaxed. So stunning. We then got down to business. She undress and crawled under the covers and invited me in. Wow, what a body. Her tits were so ravishing and a cock that was perfect. It was like i just landed in heaven. She sucked my cock like no tomorrow. It was so hard not to cum in her wet, steamy mouth. I sucked on her she-wood as it was so hard. She begged me to fuck her, so i did. I never had an experience so intoxicating. I never came so hard before. She moved like a jaguar. She also had no problem shooting her load all over herself. Talk about a lot of cum. She actually managed to shoot cum on her tits. She asked me to lick her she-venim off her tits, so I did. It was like licking a lollipop. She offered me to have a shower if I wanted to clean up. That was a day I'll never forget and sure look forward to more. in my opinion, I think I got a great deal to see her. If anyone is looking for the time of their life, Soda is the one that can do that. I've been with other ts's and they can't even compare to Soda. Truly gods gift to man. Don't even hesitate calling her as she can rock your world in many ways.

She Exceeded my Excpectations

Best Shemale in Newfoubndland , extreemely feminine well hung biggest most natural looking tits I have ever layed on and ejaculated on im sorry she just makes my shit go wild..

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Authentic ,genuine personality that will make u ooze with joy thiswill be  your best choice for an outstanding  shemale experience
."Soda is THE REAL DEAL!!!
-Nico--Ottawa Ontario

No better place to be than in Sodas Web

Soda is clearly an exceptional experience in forbidenn Shemale her amazing sexy figure is perfect,smooth,slim,feminine,soft,so lick-able and so exceptionally well beautified and maintained
definately recommended for the Transexual
Lover(she was my first)
definately see this t babe she will make you sweat

- Sandro- Calgary

She loved Cumming on my pretty Boy face!!!

Soda is everything she says she is and more.She is so clean and smells so   
nice and is so very Hot.You will have a hard time to keep your hands off of
her. She is the most un rushed girl I know.After all the fun while visiting
Soda said she wanted to move to the south side of the city and I offered
her a ride whitch she accepted.This took maybe a hour with a couple of
stops but let me tell you she is a pleasure to be with just to talk with
while driveing.I can see every guy she is with falling for her because
thats just the way soda is.Hope you are in Edmonton again soon Soda Your
Friend you know who
For the engagement we endined up tal;king kissing sucking and cumming on each other.s face.
i tried to get fucked but m,y hole was virgin and to tight for her but eventuallyI hope she will pry me open on the second round

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 Shemale Soda Review (aug20,in Ottawa)

Just visited the wonderful shemale Soda  she has been one of my favorite ts for some time, she takes care of her self in every way and takes care of me.She is extremely clean,hospitable and so insanely stunning. Soda Really works her magic on you in everyway she takes her time and her precision with her mouth and cock is breathtaking. She can take charge or she can submit to your yearning need for a good fuck. or some quality time. Soda I have to say is one of the sexiest and most classiest tgirl i have ever been with.You need not to miss her cause she definately is worth every buck,
i would definately see this shemale again and agian and i think you should to a.s.a.p


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my tongue up her ass, her hard cock in my mouth andHer visciously  pounding my asshole ...soft thick streams of warm juice squirting from the head of her big perfect cock all over my face
those beautiful lips wrapped around my cock and cumming like I cannot remember all over her oh so pretty face...


Soda summed up,

An easy feeling from the first time i walked in the door.
This girl is bright , attractive and has a sense of the moment.
I don't have the words to describe how great the sex was.
Tits and ass that would make any mouth water and taste like honey.
A swollen cock that penetrated and stimulated like nothing I have ever experienced.
I didn't think she would ever stop cumming

I feel more than fortunate to know this girl and to have spent a couple of days together.
I had an incredible dining , sailing, swimming and just talking with her.
She is the total experience....I can not think of a moment that I didn't completely enjoy being with her.

popeye the sailor man 

I Loved getting fucked and fucking shemale soda

I had the pleasure in aquainting with the beautiful, classy and so sexy Soda. She is one hell of a sex-symbol.  Her look, personality, figure and perky Breasts  and her big hard tool is what makes her so special, in my eyes. The sex was wild, and very intense she didn;t rush it and we slithered with eachother for the whole hour. Her electric smile and so soft skin is what i like the best. She definately has more appealing assets but those were my favorite and her cockatee.(penis). Her beautiful real hair is immaculate and teh touch she can transcend will electrify u in every way. I would have to say out of all the tgirls i have been with soda is nuber 1 and is defanately a 10. 


I  was a first timer and very nervous when I called Soda to set up our session. Soda was very understanding and put me at ease right away. When I got to Soda's place she was not there yet but looking at my phone I noticed I had 2 missed calls from her telling me she was going to be a little delayed. Cabs are very unreliable here in Calgary and as it was she was only a few minutes late anyway so no big deal. Anyway down to business........Soda took me into her appartment (nice place) and offered me a drink and told me to make myself at home while she went to get changed. When she came out she was wearing a nice black bra and panty set, very sexy. We sat on the bed and Soda asked me if there was anything specific I was looking for. I told her I was a first timer and that I essentially wanted to be her bitch, perform oral on her, give her a rim job and have her fuck the shit out of me (which she did with lots of dirty talk too) and cum in my mouth (she pulled her cock out of my ass while slamming me doggiestyle and told me to turn around and open my mouth and thats when she grabbed my head and shot her load in it was nice and hot......after that fun stuff I wanted to jerk off on her tits or ass or whatever and have her tell me to lick it all up. Well everything pretty much went as planned and she even told me for my first time sucking cock I was pretty damn good LOL. Only set back was nerves (gonna chalk it up to nerves) stopped me from getting hard enough to jerk off at the end to finish myself off never happend before Anyway that was my issue and nothing to do with her. I had a  didwonderful time and she said I was welcome to take a shower and hang out with her. I stayed around for a bit and we chatted for a while then I left. I will be calling her up again

Shemale Soda will be one of the sexiest Girls you will ever see. I arrived at her lovely home which is so private,clean,and cozy.She invited me in and offered me a drink.She was wearing some sexy white virgin lingerie her body is irefined to the tee. we proceeded to her room where she took control and went to work on ,my Cock. She licked it sucked ands then she sat on it. Holy Fuck I was in ecstacy.Her stamina is out of this world .Then she gets off and orders me to turn around and proceeded to insert her girl cock into my tight virginhole. At first she was gentle then i moaned a bit and she went for it. What a Fuck.when we both got off she asked if i needed to use the facilties and I did went to shower. I put my clothes on and went back to my office. This escape was 1 of my best experiences in my life. Please go see This Hot ts. You will absolutely love her in every way.

ROBERT    Calgary,Alberta
Review From a St Johns, Newfoundland Shemale Admirer
Soda, were do I begin. An expeirence that I certainly will never forget. Exploring her perfect body was the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of. She is the kind of girl that just makes you feel good. I feel like a better man. she is something else to say the least. Do yourself a favour, spend some time with her. This is your warning your going to fall for her.
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